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Suzi Sevcik - Garlic Farmer


Growing Garlic with Suzi Sevcik 

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow Garlic! Some of the healthiest gourmet garlic grown in Northeast Wisconsin.

All of our garlic seed-stock came from certified organic sources. We grow our garlic using chemical-free, sustainable farming practices that are kind to the earth. We value our land and what it produces, it's important to us to improve the soil so we can grow the most nutrient dense, healthy garlic possible.


Great care is taken with our garlic through it's entire life cycle. In late October, we crack the cloves, and plant it in carefully prepped, compost enriched soil. Then we heavily mulch it to ensure that it makes it through the harsh Wisconsin winters. In Spring, we pull back some of the mulch to ensure the new garlic can peek through and then we keep it well weeded & watered throughout the growing season. It's then harvested in late July/early August & then hung for several weeks to be cured. Once it's cured, we clean it, remove the tops & roots & size them. 


We're always happy to answer any of your garlic growing questions & we encourage as many people as possible to grow your own garlic. 

 ~ Suzi Sevcik

Sleepy Hollow Farm
N1202 Sleepy Hollow Rd
Kewaunee WI 54216

Harvesting Garlic

Once harvested - we sort & bundle the garlic.

Sorting garlic

Hanging it up to dry.

Hanging garlic up to dry