Growing Garlic

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How garlic is grown

The first step is cracking the cloves. Each garlic bulb has several cloves & it's the cloves that will be planted. This task is usually completed at the kitchen counter & there's sometimes Hard Cider involved. 

Cracked Garlic Cloves

In Northeast Wis, I start planting around the end of October, depending on the weather & hope to be done by early November.

The ground is prepped - we use composted horse manure for fertilizer, which is spread on the field to be planted in early Fall & then worked in.  Once we're ready to planted, it's tilled up again & staked so our rows are straight. We plant in beds that are 5 garlic plants wide, each plant is 6" apart. All cloves are planted by hand & I use a tool to make the holes that each clove goes it. 

Garlic Rows

Once the cloves are planted, each bed is mulched with straw & then we wait. 

Garlic Mulched

And wait...

Garlic under snow

Until Spring...

Garlic in May